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A stellar record with album oriented rock themes, Unconditional shows off Wolcott's knack for crafting epic songs. Honest messages of life and love are delivered by means of rousing build-ups, sing-a-long worthy choruses, and intimate interludes. Recorded at King Size Sound Labs, and thanks to the direction of engineer Mike Hagler (Wilco, Ok Go, The New Pornographers), Wolcott reved up songs from The Digital '45' Project to create the musical journey of Unconditional.

With roots in south suburban Chicago, Wolcott sold out prime Windy City venues, like Metro, House of Blues, and Double Door during their premier around the new Millennium. With plenty of air time on Q101's Local 101 and XRT's Local Anesthetic, Wolcott's fans were hooked on "Fiending" from their debut album, All Aboard. Wolcott toured the Midwest and decided in 2003, to cool off for reasons relatable to life, love, dreams and reality.

In 2009, as friends who liked to play music together, Wolcott regrouped. Even with the rock star dreams of youth long gone, why stop making music? The heart of Wolcott, singer-songwriter Ryan DeYoung, and soul of the band, lead guitarist Eddie Jones, along with naturally-born drummer Terry Moon welcomed Adam Kelsven on keys. Ben Mollin would later be replaced by E. Boyle on bass.

Wolcott played clubs like Reggie's and Abbey Pub, released Let's Paint This Town Tonight, and unveiled "Teardrops" video with the help of Rule 42 Productions. Word spread. Wolcott's reputation once again rocked Chicagoland with appearances on WVLP and online radio shows Generation Inclination and Dope Sick Radio.

Mid 2010, Wolcott's song writing exploded. "The worst times can bring out the best songs," DeYoung explained, after his life took some crazy turns. With heavy focus on song structure, the collective efforts of Wolcott provided the framework for DeYoung to share his story of betrayal and renewal. Wolcott entered the studio with a yearlong ambition to release free monthly downloads, resulting in the successful Digital '45' Project. Featuring a new original 'A' side and home-recorded 'B' side, each '45' came fully adorned with album artwork designed by Wolcott's own, Adam Kelsven. Wolcott's sound is unique. With influences from Sam Cooke to Guns-n-Roses, The Smiths to Patsy Cline, you'll pick up punk, pop, soul and country as you indulge with their feel-good tunes.

Over the years this is what we've come up with.

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Let's End :: Four Seasons Fest

"Let's End" - Four Seasons Fest

Behind the Teardrops

"Behind the Teardrops"

  • 02.02.2010
  • Rule-42 Productions
  • Director - Nicholas P. Richards
  • Producer - Ben Mollin
  • Camera - Adam Hershman
  • Gaffer & Photography - Chuck Przybyl


  • 11.08.2009
  • Rule-42 Productions
  • Director - Nicholas P. Richards
  • Producer - Ben Mollin
  • Camera - Adam Hershman
  • Gaffer & Photography - Chuck Przybyl

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